fan's room


Dear Mr . Goulet and family,

I wish you well and hope for a speedy recovery .

Mr Angel Cruz
Canton , MI


Dear Vera,
I just heard the news about your husband. Hebrews 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. I am praying for both of you. Robert has an amazing gift from God. Only God can heal and restore him. Stay strong, call on the Lord.

Sincerely Lynne Ross


Just read an article about you being in the hospital. Very much love your music. Hope you are well soon. I am hoping you will travel to Jacksonville, Florida so I can come hear you sing. Get well and keep the fans entertained for the next 20+ years.

A fan: Sally Lackas
Atlantic Beach, Florida


I know you are fighting for so much at this point of your life, thank you for reading this brief note.

My grandfather WILLIAM E. GOULET....who was raised with Robert in Lawrence, Mass.......for a brief time..........ALWAYS had a twinkle in his eye.EVERY TIME he heard Mr. Robert Goulet's voice on the phone for holidays.......and YOU.....VERA....always attached a note personally to holiday greetings sent to my grandparents, William and Edna Goulet.... (They resided in Voorheesville, NY..this probably would have been the last address you had for them.............) My Grandparents have now both passed away.........(Gram just recently)..... I KNOW FOR A FACT they BOTH would be giving prayers to You, Robert and your family. The times I answered the phone and heard the BOOMING voice on the other end....asking for "WILLIE" ...such STRENGTH in the intonation........I KNOW THE STRENGTH is STILL THERE...........of course I am NOT TELLING you a thing you do not STRONG, PLEASE GET SOME REST......this critical time will pass and YOU BOTH will be leading your happy and full lives SOON...............

PRAYERS and LOVE to YOU............ROBERT............and your FAMILY at this time..............

Pam Crowder


Robert, you hang in there i need you to keep singing! It is only a matter of time for a donor and I will be praying that is soon for you. I went through exactly what you are going thru almost three years ago and you will be fine. Just follow the medical peoples instructions to the letter you to will recover as well.
I'm going Elk hunting in the Blue mountains this week and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you to can continue to do those things which are important to us as individuals.

A Fan, Jim Sadler
Spokane Washington


Dear Mr & Mrs Goulet,
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I am hoping that you will receive the lung that you need so that you may once again entertain the world with your beautiful voice.

Donna DiLorenzo


Mr. Goulet:

Get Well! We will be praying for you and your family. You have brought such happiness and joy to so many and we know God still has great plans for your life. Take comfort in knowing He is with you during this difficult time.

Don and Linda-Marie


I was first introduced to Robert's music as a child, during the 70's. To this day, Christmas is not Christmas unless I'm playing both Andy Williams & Robert Goulet Christmas albums. As an adult, whenever I'd see him on television or in movies I'd think it was the coolest thing. Then came the Emerald Nuts commercial :). It's my favorite all-time commercial :). I've turned my 10yr old daughter on to Mr. Goulet & it's cool.

I was truly saddened when I read the news today about Mr. Goulet. I completely & totally understand all you are going through. My brother had a liver transplant this past May. He lives in Florida & I in New York. I got the call & was by his side within 12 hours. My brother has always been an in shape & positive person. I believe that has helped tremendously in his recovery. He was out of the hospital in 10 days after receiving his liver. He had doctors who weren't even involved in his case coming by to see him because he was making record strides in recovery. From reading your letter of response to one email you recieved, Mr. Goulet is strong & you should continue to be vigilant in getting him this transplant, as I know you will. Not only do we need our Christmas music & to have Robert Goulet keep messing with our need your soulmate! We're all praying for you both. Positive & strong, it's the only way..but you know that. God Bless.

Sincere Regards,

Janis M. Cline
Binghamton, NY


I know you probably get a lot of e mails, but I admire you and you have
the best voice. I love to listen to you. I wish you nothing but the best,
I hope you are getting well.

Best Wishes and God Bless,
Marilyn Durham
Bakersfield, CA


You and your family are in my prayers.
Judy Curnutte
Baton Rouge, La.



Best wishes to you to pull through your illness to a full recovery. I am
hopeful that you will travel this difficult road back to health and enjoy
many more years.

Bill B.
Pittsburgh, PA


Dear Vera & Robert:

We will be praying for you during this trying time in your lives. Know that the love of millions are with you tonight as you face these turbulent obstacles. We hope the guiding hand of God will lead your hearts to peace and tranquility.

With Deepest Thoughts,

Greg & Kimberly Cromer
New Bern, NC


Dear Mr. Goulet,
Best wishes and prayers to you and your family. Thank you for being such a wonderful performer whose warmth and wit transcend any medium you choose to act in.

We love you always,

Elana, Elias and Aspen Torres
Vancouver Washington

My wife, Sheila, mother-in-law and I had the pleasure---and fun---of meeting the two of you at Mothers' Day dinner in New Haven at Union League Cafe several years ago. In fact, and by mega coincidence, Sheila and I ran in to you again at lunch the next day. We were not following you.

To cut to the chase, Sheila and I send our very best wishes and thoughts for a speedy and successful transplant and recovery.

And, don't sweat the high notes.

Sheila Taylor and Brett Flamm

From Henderson, Nevada, we wish the "greatest" on the best and a very speedy recover. I had similar surgery, a few years back, and I am now 72 and doing well.
Thanks for being the man among men and the great performer and singer. We can't get over your performance in "Brigadoon."

God Bless, Dale McLaren and wife Margaret Yong

Don't give up!! Hang on!! God bless.
Shane in Lowell

Dear Robert and Vera,
My name is Toni Bartlett and my father was Sonny King. The last time I saw Mr. Goulet was at my father's funeral and he was so kind and gracious to our family. On behalf of my father who loved Robert dearly, and my brothers and sister, I would like you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. I believe in miracles and that good things happen to good people. I watched my father bounce back several times, never happier than when he was in front of an audience. Robert is young and strong and I look forward to seeing him back in action and hitting the high notes soon.

The Children of Sonny King

Dear Robert, our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are the BEST!!

Wilma and Ben Santoro


Mr Goulet, I saw you on Broadway as Lancelot so many years ago. Your voice sent chills up my spine. I survived Breast Cancer and you WILL survive this. God Bless


I pray God will be with you in this time and you're need for a lung with come.

Thoughts and prayers
Sara Riley


I shall pray at the banks of the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Mass for Robert. He is our favorite "favorite son" and I am expecting a miracle.
Vera stay strong because we love you too. God bless you and your husband.

Shane in Lowell


Dear Bob,
I just read the news about your hospitalization for this life threatening condition you are fighting. I was devastated to hear about it. Ever since 1960, when I first heard of you and heard your magnificent voice on the original cast album of "Camelot," you have been one of my show business heroes. Unfortunately, I never got to see you perform live, which is a major regret for me. Ironically about five years ago when you were touring in "South Pacific," you played my native city
of Philadelphia. I happened to be walking by the Four Seasons Hotel when you unexpectedly emerged from the front entrance into an awaiting vehicle. I could have said something to you, but I was so stunned to be seeing you in person that I thought it best to respect your privacy. Another two memories spring to mind...seeing you in "The Enchanted Nutcracker" on network TV when you first played opposite your former wife, Carol Lawrence. What a delightful television special broadcast that was! I also have a scrap of paper you and Carol signed and then sent to me when you were appearing at the former Camden County Music Fair in the summer of 1966. Those were "The Happy Time(s)!" I purposely allude to your Tony Award winning performance in Kander and Ebb's superb Broadway musical, of which I have proudly owned the RCA original cast album since it was released in 1968. Although I missed seeing you in the show when it was first done, I do plan to right that wrong when I attend Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA.'s revival of "The Happy Time," this Spring. I hope that you and Vera will also be able to see this production. But first, Bob, I pray that there is a viable donor to repair your tragic lung condition. With great appreciation for all the outstanding entertainment you have provided your audiences throughout the years of your performing career, I send you warm wishes from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

Yours Truly,
Bruce F. Winston,
Musical Theatre Historian and Journalist


Dear Mr. Goulet,
May God be with you and your Family, You are in my prayers. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Your's Truly,
G.Hymowitz & M.Hymowitz



C'mon. Stay with us. You can do it.
-- Mike


Dear Mr Goulet, you have used God's gift well to bless us all. So now I pray for you that God would bless you even right now in His own unique unmistakeable way that your fourth quarter would be a miracle quarter- to His glory far exceeding the prior three. .

Ron Schuck


Mr. Goulet,
You are in my thoughts and I pray for your speedy recovery!

May God Bless You,
Carolyn Brown





Mr. Goulet:
I recall you coming to the Ordway Music Theatre for Camelot in 1994, as if it were yesterday. I was working security there at the time, and learned to enjoy your talent as much as my parents had. Although I had lost track of your son, Michael, he and I would get together whenever you came to the twin cities.

My wife and I, and our extended families are praying for you, and for your family.
Ora Pro Nobis.

Chris Lentz


Wishing you a speedy recovery.
God bless you and keep you.

Hugs from a fan, Jelayne


Dear Mr. Goulet,

I just read reports about your illness and wish you success with the lung transplant. I have cassettes and CD's of your music. I was born in October 1962, and I've always been a fan.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Desiree Awiszio
Worcester, MA


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goulet...

For many years you, Mr. Goulet, have brought joy and delight and even solace to far too many people to count. And I am one of those people.

We met, once in Las Vegas and once in Tulsa, Oklahoma when you were here at the Brady Theater. We took a group of friends to see you in "South Pacific" in Tulsa also, but we didn't go backstage afterward. I am confident that you couldn't possibly remember that, but of course it was a great thrill for me, and my husband still teases me about it. He loves to tell the story of our first visit to Las Vegas. We were driving down the Strip trying to decide where to stay, and when I saw a huge sign..."Robert Goulet"...of course we stayed at the Dunes! And of course we went to your show.

I was a fan long before that, and I have been a fan ever since...

You both are in my prayers for healing and peace and comfort. This is a difficult and sometimes scary time I know. I hope you are aware of all the love and concern that is headed your way from all the people who care about you and admire you, wishing both of you, and your family, to stay strong to get beyond this difficult health trial and on to recovery.

You are being lifted up in prayer all over the world, I am certain. And I am lifting you up in prayer here in Tulsa. God bless and keep you safe...

Looking forward to hearing you ask "Would You Dance With A Man?" once again, I remain...

Nanci Dotson


Going up heavily in TEXAS for Robert, and for his wife and family. Praying there is a transplant soon and that he fully recovers so that we can hear him sing for many more years!!!

Shari Lanham
Kirbyville, TX


Mr. Goulet,
I am sending you a prayer to get well. We need singers of your talent,
not the so called music of today. With G-D's speed I hope to seeyou on stage.

Samuel D. Wilk
St. Louis, Missouri

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